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Monitoring and Measuring the Trustworthiness of Critical Cloud Systems

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Cloud is pervasive nowadays, but its adoption in critical systems is limited by trust issues, mainly influenced by security, dependability, privacy, fairness and transparency concerns, as per the recent GDPR regulation. Organizations, businesses, and customers need to know how much they can trust in the cloud systems storing and managing their sensitive data or executing their business processes. As a evolving concept, the trustworthiness of the system must be continuously monitored and measured, but there is a lack of means to do that in cloud environment. This project aims to propose a framework and means for monitoring and assessing the trustworthiness of cloud systems. This includes the definition of trustworthiness properties, their continuous measurement and analysis. The solution can also be used to monitor whether the data of individuals is handled properly. The project’s outcome will be demonstrated in a big data analytics system used in city traffic management and improvement.